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30 October 2013

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The Executives, Trustees and members of the Then India Sanmarga Ikya (NZ) Sangam would like to wish everyone a

Happy and Prosperous Diwali

History >> First Secretary - Mr T. A. J. Pillay

(Courtesy of Then India Sanmarga Ikya Sangam, Fiji Website

Sangam elected to the office on 26th May, 1926

Far away in the Fiji Islands physically but ever tuned to Sri Bhagavan and the Ashram inwardly Sri T. A. Jambulingam Pillai, a devotee of fifty years standing in a class by himself. During his long association he has never failed to do his mite for the Ashram. The Ashram therefore greatly values its contact with this lovable and simple devotee who has done much for the religious movement in general and the Ashram cause in particular in the country of his adoption.

An Indian by birth he migrated to the Fiji Isles in 1913. He worked as an Accountant there for sometime before being recruited to the Fiji Civil Service. Sri Pillai married one Pappammal and was blessed with children. He then came into contact with a Yogi, Sadhu Kuppuswamy, whom he immediately adopted as his guru. Sadhu Kuppuswamy was steadfast and rigorous in his practice of yoga and highly devoted to Sri Bhagavan Ramana. He had also seen him in his vision. At the request of Sri Pillai his guru actually stayed with him for some years.

Sri Pillai was highly religious from his early years and particularly devoted to Lord Nataraja (Siva). In his spiritual effort he was helped by his master. In 1923 his wife passed away and in that hour of grief the master advised and insisted that Sri Pillai should go to Sri Bhagavan for peace. In obedience to this command Sri Pillai made the trip to India. Even the very first darshan of Sri Bhagavan thrilled him and made an indelible impression upon him. It was Karthikai Deepam Day and seeing the radiant face of Sri Bhagavan he was filled with extraordinary bliss and peace!

Sri Pillai during his trip to India married again and returned to Fiji. Dhanalakshmi, his second wife, was also highly devoted to Sri Bhagavan and helped in bringing out his life account in Hindi.

Sri Pillai’s second trip to India, strongly advised by his master, did not come off before 1934 and this was even more memorable for he now had the chance to get close to Sri Bhagavan and have his doubts cleared.

The words uttered by Sri Bhagavan when he took leave of him at the conclusion of his stay had a great impact on him. Sri Bhagavan said that he was not confined to the body, it didn't matter whether he (Pillai) lived in Fiji or elsewhere, or even on another planet; He would be with him always therefore he could live anywhere in peace.

Consistent with his usual record of service to the Ashram, Sri Pillai took an active interest in the Shashtiabdapurti celebrations of our President. He volunteered to distribute 'the relevant literature to devotees in Fiji and contributed his mite towards the success of the function.

First Secretary - Mr T. A. J. Pillay