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30 October 2013

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The Executives, Trustees and members of the Then India Sanmarga Ikya (NZ) Sangam would like to wish everyone a

Happy and Prosperous Diwali

T.I.V. Sangam NZ

The Then India Valibar (T.I.V.) Sangam is the youth organisation for Sangam men.  Valibar means young men.

The T.I.V. Sangam takes part in the parent organisation’s activities, and also helps organise sports tournaments and fundraising events.  

Other activities include holding  regular meetings, taking part in cultural functions, and holding social evenings.

Soccer teams are the backbone of the youth organisation, T.I.V. Sangam, with over 16 Sangam sports teams in New Zealand.   

Soccer is also the most popular sport amongst Sangam men.

Soccer teams travel to Fiji every year during Easter to take part in the Annual Fiji Sangam Convention.  Also, there is a regular Sangam Soccer World Cup event, that attracts teams from all over the world