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30 October 2013

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The Executives, Trustees and members of the Then India Sanmarga Ikya (NZ) Sangam would like to wish everyone a

Happy and Prosperous Diwali


The Then India Sanmarga Ikya (NZ) Sangam is entering a new phase in its 25-year history in New Zealand.  

Incumbent National President Mr Dharam Raj said “With the recent appointment of a new Executive Committee and a diversification of interests, many new projects are planned for the upcoming year.  

These include the building of a new Temple and Hall, hosting of the Sangam World Cup event, and the setting up of a Sangam Elderly Support group”

“We are now ready to move the group forward to the next phase in our long-term vision for the New Zealand South Indian Community”, Mr Raj continued.

The National T.I.S.I. (NZ) Sangam body was formed in 1999 to better organise the various Sangam groups and branches into a formal structure and to help improve the administration of the organisation.

There are now over 20 groups from Auckland, Hamilton, Rotorua, Wellington and Christchurch.

The T.I.V. Sangam young men’s groups and T.I.M. Sangam women's groups hold regular activities and meetings.


National President         - Mr Dharam Raj

General Manager           - Mr Ram Raju

Secretary-General          - Mr Jerry Goundar

General Treasurer          - Mr Kamlesh Naidu

Vice Presidents             - Mr Surya Narayan

           - Mrs Dhan Latchmi Naicker

- Mr Rajesh Lingam

- Mrs Roopa Nair

- Mr Ganga

General Secretary          - Mr Raj Gounder